They said we were insane for taking a 2-month-old on a sailing holiday. “It’ll be fine,” we said, as if nothing could go wrong. And you know what? Not much did!

We embarked on a thrilling journey through Greece, sailing to five stunning islands in just six days. Navigating the waves was an adventure in itself, and we even mastered the art of mooring “Mediterranean” style, with three boats deep in a bustling port.

“But was it all smooth sailing, with a baby and my 75-year-old mom on board?” you ask.

 Well, you’ve got a point. Multiple moorings resembled a circus act, and one stormy night had our yacht rocking and rolling, delivering an abrupt wake-up call at 2 a.m. After some adjustments and loosening a rope tied too tightly to another boat, we finally caught some much-needed sleep. And then there was the day when our captain, @antonyshaw, went on a quest for the elusive wind, leaving us on the water for over 10 hours. We were out so late that we got turned away from two full harbours – oops!

Despite these challenges (which, let’s be honest, were more like first-world problems than actual problems), we had the time of our lives. We’re already counting down the days until our sailing trip next summer. This time, we’re considering upgrading to a catamaran – because chasing after a toddler without an upstairs lounge for entertainment? Mama’s nerves can’t handle that!

So here’s to the unpredictability of life on the high seas, the unforgettable moments, and the laughter that carried us through it all!