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Wish List Wednesday – 5 Fab Eco Fashion Finds

It’s still cold here in London. Actually it’s gotten colder!!!  ARRRGH! Summer where are you??? I miss you!

As a result of the dropping temperatures this weeks Eco Fashion Finds once again includes layers to combat the cold but keep you comfy should the sun decide to put it’s hat on.

I’m obsessed with cropped wide leg trousers at the moment as well as jumpsuits. These Juna trousers from Komodo are just perfect.

Eco Fashion Styling Tips

Hair – I think down and straight but not too straight. Keep a bit of texture in there with a small helping of sea salt spray.
Makeup – Try a classic black cat eye flick with a matte lip. This outfit is so neutral feel free to play with some colour on the lips and nails.
Outfit –Leave the denim shirt untucked and maybe try it buttoned all the way to top super nerd style. But nerds are the coolest so like it’s totally fine! If you re feeling bold you know I love a raw edge on my denim so cut off those cuffs baby!
Accessories – Small hoop earrings or these Ear Huggers from Cat Bird NYC.


Matt Nat rucksack bag

Wish List Wednesday – 5 Fab Eco Fashion Finds.

Eco Fashion


My Eco Fashion Wish List for this week includes culottes because….CULOTTES!!!  Culottes can be tricky though. They look all sweet ‘n innocent and remind you of being a child of the 80’s.  No? Is it just me???  Uh…ok. Anyway.  The challenge is making sure the length is flattering on your lovely legs because if they hit you at the widest point or the length is too long for you one can end up looking like Melissa McCarthy from Tammy. Did you see that movie? Hilarious! Love me some Melissa McCarthy! Decide if they are above the ankle, just below the knee or mid calf?  What works for you will be different than your BFF so take a minute to figure out what kind of culotte wearer you are. A good way to do this is is find a street style image of someone with your body shape wearing some cool culottes and if that length looks good on them chances are it will look good on you. Otherwise head to your local charity shop or locally owned boutique and try on different styles, lengths and widths then take full length selfies to see which ones suit you best.  Above all wear what makes you happy because if you feel good you will look good! Boom!

Top 5 Eco Items This week by thebourgeoisbohemian featuring mesh shoes

Eco Fashion

£115 – kaightshop.com

Eco Fashion

Komodo blue pants

Eco Fashion

Mesh shoes

Eco Fashion