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Charity Shop Shopping for emergency eco friendly evening out outfit!

Recently I was invited to attend a recording of a show at the Palladium in London. Amazing right? Except at the time I was staying and working at our little holiday flat by the sea and only had a casual day outfit and my pyjamas with me. Oh no! “What will I wear?” I asked my self fully realising this was a first world problem that I could easily figure out.  The old me would have rushed to TK max and bought a brand new outfit that I would have liked but not loved. I’d then let the new outfit hang in my wardrobe for years feeling too guilty to throw it out. But “The Bourgeois Bohemian” me decided to stick to my new eco-friendly ethos so I headed to the local high street to check out the several charity shops hoping I’d find a suitable second hand outfit for my first class night out. To tell youth truth my hopes were high but my I was not prepares for how quick, easy and spot on this shopping trip would be. I was literally shocked by what I found. And I mean SHOCKED!  Not only did I find a lovely little outfit, I found some other gems that I didn’t end up buying but now keep wondering if I should have. I’m talking about a brand new pair of brown leather high heel sandals from Zara. I didn’t get them but let me tell you they were fantastic. I hope someone snapped them up are currently getting #30wears out of them this season and beyond.

Without further Adieu here’s the outfit I found for under £25!! I know right? How is that possible? Well that’s magic of the charity shop (or thrift store if you’re from the US). Behold what £25 can buy you when you stay away from fast fashion or just buy fast fashion second hand. : )

Jumper = £3

Trousers = £4

Coat = £7.00




Shoes = £7.50

Grand total of $21.50

The moral of this post is…. next time you need a last minute outfit, for whatever reason, instead of running to your go to high street store try out some of your local charity shops. You might end up saving yourself some cash as well as giving to a good cause. Every little helps right? If everyone adopted this ethos we’d cut down on the waste and abuse to humans and the planet caused by fast fashion. If you want to read more about how fast fashion affects us check out these sites.










Hello and welcome to The Bourgeois Bohemian.  The idea for this website has been brewing in my brain for years like a good quality herbal tea. I think it has steeped long enough now and I am ready to share it with you.  This non-toxic journey I am on is too exciting and too complicated to do it all by myself.  Living a non-toxic life is not easy and I need someone or someone’s to share my daily struggles with.  Now that our shop’s shelves are filled with toxic chemicals lurking behind labels that say natural, organic and healthy we have to be more informed than ever before when choosing what to buy.  My health and the health my family are far too important for me to walk through life with blinders on ignoring the reality of the world we live in. – It’s a bit bleak guys….but there is a narrow path that together we can carve out for ourselves with a bit of knowledge and a lot of patience.

Check back regularly and sign up for the mailing list to receive the newsletter. I promise I will not fill your inbox with annoying updates. Mainly because I don’t have the time to send you daily emails. : ) My aim is once a week but let’s be honest it will probably be once every two weeks at most. Most importantly I want to hear from  you. I want to be a part of a community of people that don’t neccassarily want to be granola off the grid forest dwellers but do desire to live a clean healthy life in the middle of a dirty sick city.  And if you are a forest dweller I salute you. You are more than welcome here and potentially I may be joining you.

See you soon,

The Bourgeois Bohemian