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Charity Shop Shopping for emergency eco friendly evening out outfit!

Recently I was invited to attend a recording of a show at the Palladium in London. Amazing right? Except at the time I was staying and working at our little holiday flat by the sea and only had a casual day outfit and my pyjamas with me. Oh no! “What will I wear?” I asked my self fully realising this was a first world problem that I could easily figure out.  The old me would have rushed to TK max and bought a brand new outfit that I would have liked but not loved. I’d then let the new outfit hang in my wardrobe for years feeling too guilty to throw it out. But “The Bourgeois Bohemian” me decided to stick to my new eco-friendly ethos so I headed to the local high street to check out the several charity shops hoping I’d find a suitable second hand outfit for my first class night out. To tell youth truth my hopes were high but my I was not prepares for how quick, easy and spot on this shopping trip would be. I was literally shocked by what I found. And I mean SHOCKED!  Not only did I find a lovely little outfit, I found some other gems that I didn’t end up buying but now keep wondering if I should have. I’m talking about a brand new pair of brown leather high heel sandals from Zara. I didn’t get them but let me tell you they were fantastic. I hope someone snapped them up are currently getting #30wears out of them this season and beyond.

Without further Adieu here’s the outfit I found for under £25!! I know right? How is that possible? Well that’s magic of the charity shop (or thrift store if you’re from the US). Behold what £25 can buy you when you stay away from fast fashion or just buy fast fashion second hand. : )

Jumper = £3

Trousers = £4

Coat = £7.00




Shoes = £7.50

Grand total of $21.50

The moral of this post is…. next time you need a last minute outfit, for whatever reason, instead of running to your go to high street store try out some of your local charity shops. You might end up saving yourself some cash as well as giving to a good cause. Every little helps right? If everyone adopted this ethos we’d cut down on the waste and abuse to humans and the planet caused by fast fashion. If you want to read more about how fast fashion affects us check out these sites.









5 Eco-Friendly Shops in the January Sales


Beige turtleneck with dark blue skinny jeans, light pink vegan bag and eco friendly gold trainers.

It’s dark damp and cold outside. That’s the bad new. The good news is….SALES!  Buying ethically usually comes at a price, a high price. But if you buy during the January Sales you can take advantage of some epic low prices from some epic eco brands. Here’s a list of sales from some excellent fair-trade brands that are boasting 30% to 70% off their gorgeous ethically made goods. I would still recommend using the #30wears filter before you purchase. And by that I mean ask yourself if you will wear it 30 times or more before you buy. Are you ready!?!?!?



Moody girl i stripe pyjamas and boy i white sweatshirt and black sweat pants modeling trainers

Top Pick – Esplar Silk Gold 72,50€

gold eco friendly tennis shoes, trainers with white laces

Studio JUX

Bright white Scandinavian boutique of eco clothing

Top Pick – Lambswool Oversized Cardigan 99,98€

Cranberry maroon oversized long lambswool cardigan.

The Keep Boutique 

Collection of colourful clothing hung neatly on a raw wood rail.

Top Pick – Tia Sweater Organic Wool Mix £75.00

Beige organic wool mix turtleneck long sleeve sweater.


Bright white shop with shelves and eco friendly clothing.

Top Pick – Green Thomas Bobble Hat with Pom Pom $47.60

Black lambswool beanie with black and white bobble


Middle aged man with freckles outdoors looking pensive wearing a beanie.
Tom Kaye, Finisterre Founder.

Top Pick – Agnes Coverall £70.00

Grey jumpsuit coveralls.





Wish List Wednesday – 5 Fab Eco Fashion Finds

It’s still cold here in London. Actually it’s gotten colder!!!  ARRRGH! Summer where are you??? I miss you!

As a result of the dropping temperatures this weeks Eco Fashion Finds once again includes layers to combat the cold but keep you comfy should the sun decide to put it’s hat on.

I’m obsessed with cropped wide leg trousers at the moment as well as jumpsuits. These Juna trousers from Komodo are just perfect.

Eco Fashion Styling Tips

Hair – I think down and straight but not too straight. Keep a bit of texture in there with a small helping of sea salt spray.
Makeup – Try a classic black cat eye flick with a matte lip. This outfit is so neutral feel free to play with some colour on the lips and nails.
Outfit –Leave the denim shirt untucked and maybe try it buttoned all the way to top super nerd style. But nerds are the coolest so like it’s totally fine! If you re feeling bold you know I love a raw edge on my denim so cut off those cuffs baby!
Accessories – Small hoop earrings or these Ear Huggers from Cat Bird NYC.


Matt Nat rucksack bag

Wish List Wednesday – 5 Fab Eco Fashion Finds

Here in the UK the sun is shining – FINALLY – but the wind is still chilly. If you get caught out in a shadow or a cloud drifts in between you and the warming rays of the fireball in the sky you can feel Old man Winter gently breathing down your neck sending a wicked chill down your non coat wearing spine. That’s why for this weeks Eco Fashion Finds I’ve chosen some pieces that will keep you covered during the unpredictable climate changes but also remind you that one day you’ll be dressed for summer. And when I say one day I don’t mean like a period of time in the future when you can throw your cares to wind and step out your front door in nothing but a flowy summer dress and strappy sandals knowing confidently that you will be comfortably  warm all day long.  No, I mean literally, for one day this summer you will be able to let approximately half your skin see the sun for a whole day. One glorious day of beautiful English Summer. Am I right?!?! Hehehe  Until that elusive day arrives we must remember to dress appropriately when walking out the door even if the sun is shining brightly luring you to leave your layers behind.

Eco Fashion Styling Tips

Hair – Low loose bun or messy ponytail
Makeup – Fresh and light or if you’re feeling sassy black mascara and a bright lip like Prickly Pear from 100% Pure because the sun shines therefore you can shine.
Outfit – I’d keep the shirt loose with maybe a half tuck since this looks more relaxed. Roll up the jeans to just above the ankle.  Or better yet cut them off and leave the raw edge because raw edged denim is so hot right now. ; )
Accessories – A short delicate silver necklace would be nice with minimalist rings and chain bracelet. If you go with the bright lip match the nails with Rocha from Zoya.  Otherwise try a new springtime color like one of these from Zoya’s Springlettes Collection.


Wish List Wednesday – 5 Fab Eco Fashion Finds.

Eco Fashion


My Eco Fashion Wish List for this week includes culottes because….CULOTTES!!!  Culottes can be tricky though. They look all sweet ‘n innocent and remind you of being a child of the 80’s.  No? Is it just me???  Uh…ok. Anyway.  The challenge is making sure the length is flattering on your lovely legs because if they hit you at the widest point or the length is too long for you one can end up looking like Melissa McCarthy from Tammy. Did you see that movie? Hilarious! Love me some Melissa McCarthy! Decide if they are above the ankle, just below the knee or mid calf?  What works for you will be different than your BFF so take a minute to figure out what kind of culotte wearer you are. A good way to do this is is find a street style image of someone with your body shape wearing some cool culottes and if that length looks good on them chances are it will look good on you. Otherwise head to your local charity shop or locally owned boutique and try on different styles, lengths and widths then take full length selfies to see which ones suit you best.  Above all wear what makes you happy because if you feel good you will look good! Boom!

Top 5 Eco Items This week by thebourgeoisbohemian featuring mesh shoes

Eco Fashion

£115 – kaightshop.com

Eco Fashion

Komodo blue pants

Eco Fashion

Mesh shoes

Eco Fashion